VPR's Dorothy's List to Feature GM Students

Post date: Nov 19, 2015 4:58:06 PM

VPR's Amy Kolb Noyes visited Green Mountain on Thursday, November 19th. Amy is the reporter behind Dorothy's List: a radio book club focused on the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award. Seventh grade students from one of Mrs. Jonynas’ language arts classes read the book Unfriended by Rachel Vail, one of 30 books on the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award list for this year. Unfriended is told from multiple points of view and the story builds as each character tells his or her part of the story. While Amy asked questions and pointed her microphone in their direction, students analyzed several key characters. As the story unfolds each character has moments where they are a good friend, and moments where they really aren’t. All of this is complicated by the presence of social media. Green Mountain students created an online profile picture for their character and thought a lot about the role they played in the “middle school drama.” Group consensus was that social media can help people be better friends, but it can also be used to put others down or even bully them. As one student explained, “you have to use social media responsibly.”

Listen to excerpts from the students’ discussion on Vermont Edition on Monday, December 7th at 12pm or 7pm. The Dorothy’s List segment generally starts at 20 minutes before the end of the hour. You can also listen online anytime after the show has aired at www.vpr.net/apps/dorothys-list.