Mack Molding Field Trip

Post date: Oct 28, 2014 2:50:07 PM

On Thursday, 10/23, a group of Green Mountain students enjoyed a trip to Mack Molding in Arlington Vermont. Julie Horst, Director of Communications along with Kevin Dailey, Director of Human Resources hosted Mack Moldings, “Made in Vermont Day”.

The day consisted of a tour of the plant including: manufacturing and engineering, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding of the F’real commercial milkshake blender. At each station of the tour, Mack’s employee shared the personal career path that lead to their current work at Mack. Some staff had gone the military route before landing at Mack, some had completed a 2 or 4 year college program, while others started directly after high school graduation and then gone back for additional training in their career area.

After the tour, students were involved in a hands-on, simulated product build, creating a circuit breaker. GMUHS students worked feverishly to complete more circuit breakers that those students from the Career Development Center. Unfortunately, GM students discovered that, for this project, an assembly line approach was faster than workers completing complete circuit breakers individually even when the assembly line process bottle-necked causing workers to be reassigned on the line. The activity gave students a quick glimpse of decisions and models that Mack’s manufacturing staff confront daily. These activities lead to a discussion of skills that are needed in modern manufacturing

It was a fantastic experience for all. Seeing the entire process of the F'real milkshakes blender being made and then enjoying the delicious shakes with pizza was great. The day was well organized and informative, engaging and lots of fun! Thanks to all of Mack Moldings staff that made this experience available to us!