Jr Iron Chef Winners!

Post date: Mar 22, 2017 1:14:17 PM

For the fifth year in a row Green Mt Union High participated in the Jr. Iron Chef Vermont competition in Essex, Vt.

Jr. Iron Chef is a statewide culinary competition that challenges teams of middle and high school students to create healthy, local dishes that inspire school meal programs

This year we entered three teams, a middle school and our two veteran high school teams. We competed in the afternoon heat with 25 other schools from all over the state. Our middle school team called Turnip The Beet coached by Jack Carroll and newcomer Brooke Decker comprises of three members, first year competitors Maya and Aiden Farrar and veteran Gwen Kekic. Our first High School team The Skillet Takes with veterans of this event is coached by Carrie King and Jana Bryan. Team members are Laurel King, Ange Wunderle, Rileigh Thomas, Magali Stowell-Aleman. Our second High School team The Green Mt. Cheftains coached by Christine Anderson and Carol Neff. This team also veterans of this event. Members are Simone Martorano, Caitlin McCoy, Alexandria Pippin, and Chelsea Rose.

Teams are given 90 minutes to wow the expert judges. Awards are given in each age group. There are three awards all of equal importance. The Crowd Pleaser is award to the dish that best incorporates color, texture, and taste for a true crowd pleaser. The Lively Local is awarded to the dish best highlighting Vermont foods. The Mise en Place (“everything in its place”) is awarded to the team that shows exemplary teamwork, order, and professionalism.

The teams prepared three incredible recipes. The middle school team prepared Open Face Vermont Style Taco with Sweet Potato, Black Beans, and kale Pesto. The Green Mt. Cheftains prepared Fettuccine con Polpettini Zucchini. Our other High School team prepared: Around the World with Stuffed Pretzels, three different and very tasty flavors of Pretzel.

We are proud and pleased to announce that for the third year in a row we have won. Our middle school team Turnip The Beet brought home the Local Lively award as did our High School team The Skillet it Takes. It was so exciting to hear Green Mt High called out once as a winner but to hear it twice for the second year in a row was amazing. The coaches and teams were just incredible. We have really made a name for Green Mt. High at Jr. Iron chef and throughout the entire State. Thanks again to our coaches for their hard work with their teams and to the students for their devotion to this program. We are already talking about next year.


Jack Carroll

Coordinator: Jr. Iron Chef VT.

Green Mt. Union High

Food Services