Jr. Iron Chef Update

Post date: Nov 12, 2015 7:12:28 PM

We are pleased to announce we will be entering two teams in this year’s competition. The teams consist of our Veterans from last year and some new people. We have a middle school team and a high school team.

The teams are already working in the kitchen once a week searching for the perfect recipe to enter into the competition in March of 2016.

Our Middle School team consists of Angie Wunderle, Laurel King, and Rileigh Thomas. Our coaches this year are Jana Bryan and Carrie King.

A big thank you to our coaches for stepping up to help. Remember we came back winners last year; they have a tough act to follow. The team practices every Friday.

Our High School also consists of veterans from last year. The team members are Chelsea Rose, Alexandria Pippin, Caitlin McCoy, and Simone Martorano. Our High School Coach is Christine Anderson, a great chef. The High School team will be practicing on Wednesday afternoon.

The mission of Jr. Iron Chef VT. is to empower Vermont students to develop healthy eating habits through the use of whole local foods.

Although Jr. Iron chef Vt. is held once a year, its influence extends well beyond the event. Teams from more than 55 schools begin to gather in September. They develop recipes, learn basic cooking techniques, and explore new foods, like rutabaga. Once the recipe is chosen the students practice at least six times, with increasing accuracy and confidence every meeting.

April 11, 2008 marked the launch of the very first Jr. Iron Chef VT. Since then over 2000 students have crafted original recipes that highlight local and seasonal ingredients and inspire School meal programs.

School food change takes many players—students, food service, parents and the community. Jr. Iron Chef involves all of these players to create a vibrant, fun, and wildly popular event.


Jack Carroll

Director, Food and Nutritional Services

Green Mt. Union High