Iron Chef Achievements

Post date: Mar 27, 2018 12:29:20 PM

Green Mt. Union High Food Services Jr. Iron Chef Vermont Competition March 17, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day proved to be a lucky day for 2 of the three Jr. Iron Chef teams Green Mt. High sent to the event in Essex, Vermont to compete in the 11th Annual Jr. Iron Chef Competition. The two High School teams won awards. We have competed for 6 years and four of the six we have been winners.

Jr. Iron Chef Vermont is a statewide culinary competition organized by Vt-Feed. It challenges teams of middle and High School students to create healthy, local dishes that inspire school meal programs, so students understand how they can effect change in the food system. We were competing in the afternoon portion of the competition with 35 other schools.

Our High School team Green Mt Cheftains took home the MIse en Plac award. This award goes to the team that best shows not only teamwork, but organization, skill and neatness. This team has won this same award in the past. Coaches are Carol Neff and Christine Anderson. Both Carol and Christine are very experienced in the competition. Team members are Caitlin McCoy, Chelsea Rose, Simone Martarano, and Alexandra Pippin. This team as all of our teams worked very hard since last Fall to perfect their recipe. They prepared a very nice Buddha Bowl.

We entered another High School team The Skillet Takes. They also came home with the Local Lively Award. This award is presented to the team that best utilizes local ingredients in their recipe.

Their recipe was BBQ Pulled Veggies atop Cornbread Waffle, topped with Rainbow Citrus Coleslaw. It was in fact a very impressive recipe and a great deal of work, and delicious by the way. The team is coached by Carrie King and Jana Bryan. Team members are Laurel King, Ange Wunderle, and Kameron Cummings. This team has also won in the past. They all have worked very hard since early fall on their recipe.

Our third team was our Middle School team “Turnip The Beet”. A young team coached by Michelle Farrar did a great job. They prepared a great Caribbean Taco with Cilantro Rice, Guacamole, Avacado over Roasted Tortilla Strips. Team members are Aiden Farrar, Maya Farrar, Berkley Hutchins, Marlayna King, and Isaiah Rivet. These kids all worked very hard and did a great job. Three of the team members are first timers. Competing in this event for the first is overwhelming.

All of our coaches and teams did a incredible job representing our School. We should all be very proud of them. To come home winners for the fourth time is wild. Thank you to all of you for what you have accomplished in this program.

We are already looking at next year!!


Jack Carroll Jr. Iron Coordinator GMUHS