Green Mountain's 3DVT team competes at VTC

Post date: Mar 29, 2016 5:01:08 PM

On Friday, March 25th Green Mountain's 3DVT team competed in the 2nd Annual 3D Vermont Architecture and History Olympiad. Over 30 schools sent teams to Vermont Technical College to present their historical research and place their 3D printed models on a giant map of Vermont.

Team captain Jeremy Fleming and team members Shane Verespy, Samantha Chase, Sadie Wood and Tuckerman Wunderle worked on their project for several months. The team researched Chester's Stone Village and created a replica of the Dr. Ptolemy Edson House, the first stone house built in the Stone Village. The students dug into journal articles, books on historic buildings, and census records to find out more about the Stone Village and the men who built it. They learned about the "snecked ashlar" construction method used to build the stone houses and built their own model of the Ptolemy Edson House using SketchUp. They plan to share their findings at Chester's 250th Anniversary Celebration this summer. In the meantime, you can learn more by visiting the Snecked Ashlar website.