Community Coming Together

Post date: Mar 9, 2015 5:25:09 PM

Chieftan's Care:

Friday, March 6th walking into Green Mountain Union High School, there was a marked difference. Fellow classmate, Kyle Monier had posted a picture on "instagram" earlier that morning of his house burning, "this is the only picture I family is okay, but all of my stuff and animals were in there. I never thought this would ever happen." Several students immediately went to the freshman class advisers; Theresa Buskey, math teacher and Christa Valente, art teacher to brainstorm. With the help of the class of 2018's officers; Eliza R., Josh B. & Bri L. the word was put out, "We are fundraising for Kyle and his family...bring bake goods and yourself, tomorrow to Shaw's by 11:00 and on Sunday in front of Lisai's Market at 11:00". In an outstanding show of support the fresh baked goods came in by the dozens accompanied by parents and Green Mountain Union High Schooler's. Springfield and Chester residents rose to their fellow mans assistance. One Springfielder who was grocery shopping with his son said, " I know the Monier family, I contracted out to do some work on their home for free but they insisted on paying me" as he pushed a wad of $20 dollar bills into the donation jar. The high school students worked diligently and presented themselves as kind & caring young people which generated a feeling of pride among the townspeople. Mrs. Buskey and Mrs. Valente, in disbelief announced on Sunday that the students had raised $3700 plus for their friend and Class Treasurer, Kyle. Thank you for the generosity of our fellow neighbors.

Members of the class of 2018: Willow, Evan, Josh, Eliza and Kathleen in front of Shaws

Erin, Eliza, Kathleen, Bri, Annaleah, Demitri, Mrs. Buskey, Izzy