1. Proper Dress Required (must change into different clothes for hygiene and flexibility)

a. T-Shirt (loose, comfortable, not constricting)

b. Shorts/Sport Pants (no jeans, khakis, or tight fitting bottoms)

c. Gym Shoes: a MUST! Wearing anything other than sneakers, will

will not be able to participate in activity.

d. No jewelry of any kind is to be worn during PE! This means NO earrings, bracelets, chain wallets, etc.

e. Keep cell phones and MP3 players (IPODs) off and in your bags. If caught using them, (0 participation points).

2. Each student has the opportunity to have a locker and lock. If you do have a PE locker, please keep your locker locked at all times. Unlocked lockers may result in theft.

3. No food, drinks, or gum in the gymnasium, fitness room, or locker room!

4. Inappropriate language (0 participation points and detention).

5. 10 participation points are awarded daily. To receive your daily points you must:

a. Be dressed properly (PE attire).

b. Stay active until class is dismissed.

c. Participate in warm-ups.

d. Be in your proper place 5 minutes after the bell.

6. No participation points will be awarded for any of the following:

a. Cutting class

b. Truancy

c. Unexcused absences

d. “Forgetting” PE clothes

e. Not participating in warm-ups or activity

f. 3 or more tardies

g. Inappropriate language

7. Unexcused absences can be made up with teacher approval within 2 weeks. With teacher supervision, a student may make up an unexcused absence by working out for 30 minutes in the fitness room. After 2 weeks has passed the unexcused absence will be recorded as a zero.


***For extended medical excuses, please notify and speak with teacher for ways to makeup these specific situations. With an extended/medical excuse, a doctor’s note is required for absences beyond 3days and for non–participation beyond 3 days.

8. Tardy Policy: If you are tardy to class, you will need to have a note stating why you are tardy. Whatever the reason is for your tardy, you will be marked late/tardy. Please note, that if late 3 or more times, a detention is drawn up. PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!

9. Fitness Room Rules:

a. NO horseplay

b. NO food, drink or gum

c. Use spotters when necessary

d. Learn proper use of equipment before beginning workout

e. Laziness = 0 participation points

***If you are ill and unable to participate, you first need to tell your teacher, and the necessary actions will be taken.