Earth Science




Allan Garvin

Room 205

875-2146 x 212

Course Description:

Earth Science is an exploration of the systems that characterize the earth, the solar system, and the universe, and the forces that affect and shape those systems over time. It introduces major topics of physical geology, including rocks and minerals, water, wind, and glacial erosion and deposition, volcanism, earthquakes, and plate tectonics. It also introduces concepts in oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy.

Class Content:

· Minerals

· Rocks

· Clues to Earth’s Past

· Earthquakes

· Volcanoes

· Plate Tectonics

· Atmosphere

· Weather

· Climate

· The Solar System

· Stars and Galaxies

· Energy Resources

· Human Impact on Earth Resources

Class Format:

The information in this class will be presented in a variety of formats. We will have readings, lecture, discussions, demonstrations, labs, and projects. Class participation is a vital part of this process.

Grading Policies:

A point-based system will be used to determine your grade each quarter. More important assignments (tests, projects, presentations, etc.) will have a higher point value and will count more towards your final grade.

Semester Grade will broken down as follows:

Quarter 1 – 45 %

Quarter 2 – 45 %

Final Exam – 10%

Late work will lose 10% each day it is late and must be turned in within 2 weeks of the due date to receive any credit. Any work missed due to an EXCUSED ABSENCE may be made up for FULL CREDIT provided it is submitted within a reasonable time period (this will depend on the extent of the absence).

Tests and Quizzes:

Test will be given at the conclusion of each major unit (this may include several chapters of the book).

Quizzes will be given on a more frequent basis. The purpose of the quiz is to let you know if you understand the current material before the test.


Homework is your opportunity to practice the new skills you learned in class. You didn’t learn to walk by listening to someone tell you how or by reading it out of a book, you had to try it yourself. You might have fallen on your rear end a lot, but eventually most of you became really good at it because you kept practicing.

Required Materials:

The following items are required for this class. It is expected that you have them with you everyday.

· Folder or binder – to keep notes and handouts

· Paper

· Pencil

· We may occasionally use a textbook for reference, but you will not be issued one.