8th Grade Math

Topics Covered

· Data displays

· Patterns Leading to Multiplication

· Multiplication and other operations

· Patterns leading to Division

· Real Numbers, Area and Volume

· Coordinate Graphs and Equations

Necessary Materials

· Scientific calculator

· 3-ring binder with at least 4 dividers

· Pencil

· Ruler


· Textbook and class materials are to be brought to class every day.

· Homework is to be completed, with all work neatly shown, and brought to class the day it is due. Reasons for failure to do work should be brought to the teacher’s attention via a note from the parents. All make-up work should be completed as soon as possible.

· Students need to come to class on time ready to participate.


· Class participation/preparation

· Homework is assigned daily and graded according to a homework rubric.

· Quizzes will occur on a regular basis and will be announced at least one day in advance.

· Tests will occur at the end of each unit.

· Portfolio tasks are assigned at least once a month. Each portfolio counts as a test grade and is graded according to a rubric.

· Notebooks are graded at once per quarter as a test grade. They are graded on completeness, organization, vocabulary and notes from class, using a notebook rubric.

· Mid-year and final exams will be given.

· Late work will be accepted up to 2 weeks past the due date with the following penalties: A loss of 10% of the grade for that assignment per day for the first week and 50% of the grade for that assignment during the second week. At the end of two weeks, the assignment is a 0% and may not be turned in for credit.