8th & 9th Grade ELA Poem Projects

"Who Understands Me But Me" - Tyler Mosher

"School" - Chase Ordway-Smith

"The Cremation of Sam McGee" - Gary Clay

"Leaving the Island" - Erika Knockenhauer

"Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" - Jeffrey Parker

"Coffee in the Afternoon" - Caitlin McCoy

"God" - Evan Church

"Oblivion" - Rachel Sherwood ‎‎(Erika Bonnett)‎‎

"Kissing a Horse" -Robert Wrigley (Dee Moore

"Lost" - Jackie Parker-Jennings

"Phenomenal Woman" - Grace Johnson

"Lines" - Rachel Guerra

"Photograph of a Gathering of People Waving" - Emery Benoit

"Wild Geese" - Allie Kenney

"Fight" - Alexandria Pippin

"The Bagel" - Emily Barr

"El Dorado - Marley Greenslet

"Old Men Playing Basketball - Marc Sheldon

"The Thanksgiving Turkey" - Meekah Hance